Mar 16, 2014

NEW IN / real silver and grey from Cos

Hii Guys!

Sadly the weekend is already coming to an end while I'm writing this. Tomorrow Monday will arrive again and it wil be the start of two very busy weeks full of school exams. Luckily I've had the most amazing weekend to prepare me for the coming weeks full of studying. I started my weekend on Friday night with some friends in the local bar. I hadn't seen some of them in a really long time, so it was nice to have a laugh with them again. When I woke up the next morning (with a huge headache) I decided it was time to buy myself a present from the money I got for my birthday. I headed over to Cos and found the most simple, but really amazing, silver earrings. I had already seen these online, but in real life they turned out to be even better. And walking in the store, I couldn't resist trying on this lovely, dark grey, cardigan. The fabric is so soft, and the split on the back looks amazing when you wear it!

And after my shopping spree Dylan surprised me with something I've always wanted to do : paintball. He had secretly arranged a night of paintball with my friends and we had so much fun. Ever since I watched the Jackass crew doing paintball, I've always wanted to try it. For the record, it really doesn't hurt thát much haha.



  1. So simple!! Love it :) xx

  2. Great shirt! :)

  3. Gaaaaaaf! Heb ook een kleine liefde voor COS, zo minimalistisch en toch heel apart. Goede aankopen :) X

  4. Heel erg mooi. Ik ben al benieuwd naar een outfit met die cardigan :-).

  5. This top is beautiful and looks so comfortable :)

  6. loving that top! :)


  7. Aaaaah, dat is super leuk van dylan! Het klinkt echt als een heerlijk weekend! En wat een geweldige aankopen, perfecte basics!