Mar 29, 2014

FASHION / a mini girl in a maxi dress

Hii Guys!

Now that the cold days are coming to an end, it's time to start working on my summer-wish-list. A few weeks ago I made a great start by buying sterling silver earrings and a lovely, long cardigan. And yesterday I made another wish come true : a maxi dress! I know that this has been a trend for over more then 2 years. Maybe we can't even call it a trend anymore, but a must-have for all time, but still I've never bought one before. The main reason was that I'm a small girl and I've always thought that a maxi dress wouldn't look good on me. But this year I said to myself : hé you're gonna find a dress this year, and it's gonna look gorgeous! And I did, at Asos. It maybe is the most simple dress I've ever seen, but it fits me yeah! Besides, the splits look amazing in real life, because while walking your legs will show. Oh it's really the kind of outfit you should see in motion, maybe I'll make an outfit video of this one? 

dress - asos              blouse - forever21             shoes - new look              rings- bornpretty 

And that's it for now, I'm off enjoying the sun!


  1. Prachtige jurk, echt heel erg pretty!

  2. This is spectacular!!! I love the side cuts, very sexy. Would love to see it in motion too ^^

  3. Sweet pictures and a great look - amazing dress! :)

    Auf Wolke 3

  4. Staat je heel goed! Leuk gecombineerd met de blouse :)