Mar 7, 2014

FASHION / It's too cold for you here

Hii Guys!

First of all, I haven't cut my hair! Some of you commented on my latest post how great my shorter hair looked haha. But I was just wearing it inside my jacket. Anyway, I felt very flattered, and since people liked it so much, I might consider going short next time I visit my hairdresser! But enough about my last post, let's talk about this one. Today I'm wearing my new dress from Persunmall. I know this outfit couldn't be more simple, but a dress like this just already looks so great on its own. Unfortunately, it was still a bit too cold outside for bare arms, so I combined the dress with a loose vest. Besides the new dress, I'm also wearing a new set of gold rings. I got these at Bornpretty and I absolutely love them! They also sell a silver set!

Besides these amazing rings Bornpretty sells many other lovely jewellry. And now you can get 10% off with this coupon code : MANONDC10

dress - persunmall               vest - monki                rings - bornpretty                shoes - river island                necklace - h&m

And that's it for now, I'm off enjoying my weekend!


  1. Your dress is so chic and a classic beauty, love the cool boots with it! It was great hearing from you...Happy Friday Dear!

  2. Hi Manon. This is a timeless dress and I like how you wore it with a loose vest - it gave it relaxed and cosy casual feel.

    Have a great weekend!


  3. Look like a doll :D
    Julie |

  4. Aw, so simple and pretty, I totally like the look! :)
    Maria Mai

  5. Dat jurkje is echt heel leuk! Staat goed met die schoenen :)

  6. Ik heb echt een soort grote liefde voor kraagjes, echt te cute is deze! X

  7. Mooie outfit heb je aan!!


  8. Leuk jurkje, met en zonder het bordeaux rode vestje! De schoenen zijn ook heeel gaaf

  9. you look great! love the dress xx


  10. Extra arm shirt: Bra Burning. Gold T-Shirt. Take it to the streets. Grab your lighter and let it burn.

  11. Super cool pics <3
    Very good outfit