Mar 21, 2014


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Hii Guys!

One of the things on my current wish-list is a bikini. Last summer I didn't bought a new bikini because I couldn't find the perfect one. I always have the same problem : when the bikini looks nice, it doesn't fit right and vice versa. So this year the quest for a new bikini goes on, and hopefully I'll have more luck this time! I started my quest a few days a go on the internet and I found a few bikinis that I liked. The ones from Victorias Secret are absolutely my favourite ones, but unfortunately they're also the most expensive ones. And I don't think I'll be able to afford one of those :c Secondly I also liked number 8 from Wehkamp, and this bikini is really affordable indeed! But unfortunately it was already sold out in my size, you see bad luck already! Well I guess I just have to keep on searching, am I the only one with bikini problems?


  1. I love them all! I already found the perfect one for me! So wish you all the best(:
    Take a look at, I think they have one very similar to the black one from victoria´s secret! Maybe you will find it(:

  2. Die witte van victoria sectret wauw!

  3. Ik wil dit jaar er 2 kopen, een hele zwarte en een hele witte. Maar ik heb ook altijd troubles met bikinis!


  4. Ik snap je precíes, bikini's zijn zulke rotdingen om te kopen! Vorig jaar heb ik eentje gekocht bij de livera omdat ik echt een nieuwe moest, maar een goede heb ik eigenlijk nog steeds niet gevonden.

  5. Ik ben fan van 1 en 6!!1 Love them!


  6. Nummer 2 lijkt me zo fijn zitten! En hij is lekker stoer. Volgende week maar eens rond gaan kijken :)