Jan 12, 2014

FASHION / A million little faces.

Hii Guys!

First of all, whoops I didn't notice that my bag was turning the wrong way, I'm sorry for that haha. Today I'm wearing my new sweater from Chicnova, I tried to make a bit of a classy outfit with the sweater by combining it with the high heels and black skirt. I think that turned out quite right. I like this combination because the print gives the outfit a strange touch. 

But enough about the outfit, I want to tell you about my 'student for a day' day very briefly. Friday I went to the Erasmus University to gain some more information about the study course : International Communication and Media. I had a great day because the campus of the university is huge. They have multiple high buildings, a supermarket, a hairdresser and even a starbucks! That sounds good right? So yes I liked the university, but about the study course itself I'm not really sure. I'm going to take a look at International Arts and Culture studies somewhere next month. Maybe that's more my thing!

skirt - oasap                  sweater - chicnova                heels - new look             necklace - vintage               bag - chanel

And that's it for now, my examweek is coming very close so tonight I'll probably give myself a chance to do some studying. 


  1. So cute!
    Awesome jumper!


  2. Love your sweater! Nice blog! :)

    Check my blog if you got time and suscribe if you like it sweety, kisses! x
    http://blackhair-blackdress.blogspot.fr/ ❄

  3. Toffe outfit!
    Jammer dat het niet echt was wat je zocht, maar toch goed dat je geweest bent want nu weet je dat tenminste!

  4. Heel erg tof! En succes met je studie keuze, ik studeer communicatie & multimedia design, het bevalt me heel erg goed maar het is soms toch wel erg technisch..

  5. Wat een super gave sweater! Leuke outfit :)

  6. Love the look!



  7. Ik vind je trui echt geweldig!


  8. beautiful!

    wanna follow each other?