Dec 30, 2013

NEW IN / And the clouds burst to show a daylight.

Hii Guys!

A few days a go I received a package from Persunmall! You probably have heard of persunmall before because you see clothing from their store quite often on Lookbook and other blogs! So when they contacted me for a collaboration I couldn't say no! I ordered this lovely white two-piece-suit. When I saw it online I had some doubts, because it's quite chic and I didn't now if it was something I could wear often. But when I got in the mail yesterday, I immediately knew that is going to be an all time favourite. Especially the top, because I'm in loooove with the fabric. You can get the two-piece-suit here!

two piece suit - persunmall                 necklace - persunmall

I'll try to make some outfit photo's asap!


  1. So cool stuff ;) I'm still waiting mine. xx

  2. het ziet er super leuk uit, ik ben heel benieuwd!

  3. Awesome, the necklace is superb!

  4. Ah wauw wat een ooie kleding en wat een prachtige foto's! Happy New Year! ♥

  5. That matchy-matchy suit is something to feel obsessed about, loveee it!