Nov 25, 2013

NEW IN / I surrender to the fluffiness

Hii Guys!

Just a quick update to keep you posted! I'm really busy the coming days so I hope I can find some time to take outfit pictures with my little sister. But for now, here you can see my new vintage furry sweater. I know this has been a huge trend for a while now, and I couldn't resist. The fabric is just too good. 

A lot of things happened the last few days. Friday I went to an openday of Utrecht University and bought a new winter coat, which I'll show you real soon. In the evening Dylan celebrated his birthday, that was really nice. Saturday day I went to Subway xl5, a reaaaally big dubstep/drum and bass party. I came home Sunday morning 9 am, so the rest of my Sunday was about sleep. I hope you had a great weekend as well!



  1. beautiful sweater :)

    btw. Follow me back?

  2. Deze ziet er echt al een heerlijke trui uit, staat je ook tof!

  3. Gave sweater! Ik zou de hele tijd mezelf aaien, haha ;) Liefs

  4. Leuke trui! Ik zag je vandaag fietsen. Ik was die vervelende auto bij de parade die je weg blokkeerde haha. Ik was aan het keren!! Haha


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  6. lekker warme trui!
    ken je onze blog al?