Sep 9, 2013

PHOTOGRAPHY / they capture a moment that’s gone forever

Hii Guys!

Here they are ; my disposables! I really like the outcome, and I think I'm going to use more of these disposable camera's, especially when you're going somewhere, where your slr camera is just too heavy/big to carry with you all the time. My favourite one is the underwater selfie haha, just had to made one like this. And I also really like the last two. My little sister her finger in front of my head is kind of funny haha

Oh and I got featured on Girlscene, check it out here!

And that's it for the Greece posts, from now on things will be back to normal. Though I am planning on taking more outfit pictures outside the house!


  1. Awesome post! I am loving all of the pics :)


  2. Heeey, great job! ^_^ These disposable cameras are quite good!

  3. oh my god I love these pics! The one of you going down the slide is awesome, I want to be there! :) xx

  4. Deze zijn allemaal zo leuk! :D
    En wegwerpcamera's zijn altijd goed!

  5. Heel leuk! Ik heb nog 6 rolletjes liggen van een jaar geleden. Ik moet ze ook maar is ontwikkelen haha


  6. I'm a sucker for beautiful disposable photos! They have such a great vibe to them. I love these so much! xx

  7. very nice pictures! like them a lot!