Aug 7, 2013

INSPIRATION / A.M. when the evening turns into the night

Hii Guys!

During holidays most people party more than usual, and that's why I wanted to share this new serie of documentaries around the nightlife in some of the great cities in the Netherlands, named ; A.M. The video serie is about how people, their looks, attitudes and creations can transform and influence the face of a city. The brand that came up with this great idea is Desperados (tequila flavoured beer). And it's no lie if I tell you that actually is my favourite drink haha! They want to become part of the music and nightlife culture by developing this serie, by investigating party scenes, visiting the coolest locations and interviewing organizers, artists and lots of parties!

Desperados just launched the first episode "A.M. when the evening turns into the night". In this episode they highlight some of Amsterdam's most interesting characters. They investigated what the transformation from the evening to the night means for a city like Amsterdam. They talk about a club that stayed open for 40 hours (!!) That's a lot of partying haha. Whatch the episode beneath or here!

And that's it for now guys! I really like this video and I'm definitely going to watch the other episodes!


  1. Ooaah I love Desperados as well!



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