Aug 23, 2013

FASHION / boys may come and boys may go

Hii Guys!

Today I'm feeling all greenish again haha. I just realized I've got quite a lot of green in my closet, so I made a promise to myself ; no more green purchases this winter! Today I'll be hanging out with some friends and might go out for dinner. Sometimes I really feel like having dinner at a restaurant, like now. I just have to find somebody to join me, but that shouldn't be a problem haha!

knitted sweater / necklace - sheinside               pants - vintage             shoes - new look

And that's it for now!


  1. Wat een vette hakken!! En die evil eye ketting is ook heel leuk:) x

  2. Lovely outfit! Those pants have really nice colour :)

  3. gave outfit, je hakken staan super!

  4. Your clothes are so beautiful!I just want to try it.Thank you for share.

  5. Prachtige outfit! Heel leuke kleuren :)