Jul 22, 2013

FASHION / and they were all yellow

Hii Guys !

Pheww it's so hot out here! Today we've reached the 30 degrees, which is kind of my limit. When it's getting thát kind of hot I just shut down, all I can do is trying to keep cool. Hopefully it will cool down a bit, so I can function normally again haha. Yesterday was wonderful though, it was a bit cooler than today and at the beach it was even better. My face got a little bit burned, you might see it in these pictures haha. But I really don't know why my legs look so white on these pictures, they are tanned as well haha!

dungarees / necklace - vintage              rings - monki                 shoes - new look

And that's it for now! I'm off reading John Green in my backyard!


  1. beautiful pictures! looks really good:)

  2. That's hot!!! You look GORGEOUS!!!

  3. Gave outfit! Ik vind 30 graden ook wel erg heet, liever 25 :)

  4. Hey dear!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog! YOur blog is lovely too :)
    Let me know if you wanna follow each other or just follow me, leave a comment and I will follow back :)


  5. Ja, het was zeker wel een goede aankoop :D