Mar 31, 2013

FASHION / take it outside

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Hii Guys !

First of all, happy Easter everyone! In my family we don't really celebrate Easter but that's okay. If you do celebrate Easter, I hope you have a lovely day ! 

Last thursday I told you about the dubstep/drumandbass party in Amsterdam on Friday, and well, it was amazing ! Lots of people and lots of good music, the crowd was going insane ! My legs still hurt from all the dancing haha. I came home at 8 in the morning, and after only 3 hours of sleep I had to go to a friend who's making a film. I'm playing a main role in it, so I had to be there, the whole freaking day. It was fun, really, but at the end of the day I could hardly keep my eyes open haha. I'm not quite sure if the mini movie is going to be on youtube, but if so, I'll definitely show it to you on the blog !

 photo out1_zps4d69d969.jpg
 photo out2_zps9f0d8aa7.jpg
 photo out3_zps5c05bce9.jpg
dress - monki             leather jacket - zara               shoes - h&m                 necklace - vintage                bag - selfmade

Wooh no living room decor haha !


  1. your jacket is amazing!


  2. dat jurkje is ontzettend leuk! fijn pasen :)

  3. Had je het niet kouuud? Ik wil ook weer jurkjes aan maar ik vind het zo koud haha! Xo

  4. lovely dress girl!
    happy easter!
    if u want look my new post!

  5. Wat een leuke outfit!
    Fijne Pasen!

  6. Leuk dat je mee speelt in een film! En mooie outfit, het jurkje staat je erg leuk :)

  7. Love your dress!!! You look beautiful!!