Aug 27, 2012

PHOTOGRAPHY / when the wheels touch ground

Hii Guys !

Here are the pictures I took in Antwerpen, they're really not that special but yeah. let me tell you what you're looking at . 

1. harbor with little boots. 2. some cool street art. 3. a church, sorry I don't know the name of it haha. 4. le boyfriend, he hates this picture but I adore it. sorry dylan c: and a crazy picture of me and a statue. 5. modern art at the middelheim museum. 6. more modern art at the middelheim museum. 7. a lovely building which is also a museum ; museum aan de stroom. 

 That's it lovely people ! Today is my last day off and tomorrow I'll have to pick up all my school books :c Buuuut, we'll end the day with a concert of All Time Low, so that's going to be fun c:


  1. great travel! i like this town

    new look

  2. Super leuke foto's! Die boot is echt vreemd haha (: xo

  3. Haha leuke foto's! En veel plezier bij het concert. :)

  4. mooie foto's!
    hahaha die boot! geniaal hahaha

  5. wat een mooie foto's! haha die boot...

  6. Haha wat een leuke foto's, die boot is leuk!
    How about following eachother on GFC? c:
    Loves, Saar.