Aug 17, 2012

RANDOM / because this life is too short to live it just for you

Hii Guys !

WOOHOO FINALLY I HAVE MY OWN SNOWBOARD. ohmy I'm so happy with this board c: I can't wait to ride it in Austria. I love the graphic design of the board, there are fucking dinosaurs on my snowboard, like, how awesome is that ? haha.

 For the girls who are interested in snowboarding ; this is the DC Women's PLY 2012. In 145. It's a twintip, camber and rocker and medium flex. It's an all mountain board but also very productive in the park c: It's also available in other bigger sizes, but those have another graphic design.

These pictures aren't that good, I know, but there was bad lightning sorry ! Oh and I still have to give this board a name, I was thinking about something with a D and a C, something like Dani California. But that's a girl, and this board feels like a boy, so can you think of a fun name ?