Jul 25, 2012

INSPIRATION / Amsterdam Fashion Week en Volvo

Hii Guys !

Let's talk about tattoo's. If you've been following me for some time now, you probably know I love tattoo's and that I can't wait to have one myself. So when I heard of this thing called a cartattoo, it immediately caught my attention. 

Recently, during the opening of the 17th edition of the Amsterdam Fashion Week, a famous, Dutch, tattoo artist tattooed a Volvo. Yes, you heard that right, he tattooed a car ! For years Henk Schiffmacher has tattooed human bodies, and he was ready for a challenge. So he gave a white Volvo V40 a tough graffic design, which perfectly suits the car. Volvo is also a sponsor of the Amsterdam Fashion Week and the reason they choose this car is because of the modest and clean look, but with a classy touch. Just like the fashion that was shown ! I think it's inspiring to see how two completely diffrent worlds ; the tough tattoo one and the classy fashion one, have come together to create this awesome thing ! 

Go watch the video to see Henk Schiffmacher tattooing the Volvo V40 !

Always Love,

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