Jun 26, 2012

then what makes love the exception ?

Hii Guys !

Oh I'm so happy right now ! I'm enjoying my holiday to the fullest, even though it only started four days ago haha. The weather here is great and it's starting to feel like summer. Today Dylan came over and we went to the ikea and just messed around there haha. We tried all the beds, couches etc. Of course we ended our ikea tour with a cheap hotdog and ice cream c: After that we went to a little petting zoo near my house. When I was younger you could find me there every weekend. It was very nice to see nothing had changed there, everything felt so safe, like I stepped back in time. I'm always very emotional about those things.

But now, it's time for another outfit. Dylan wanted me to wear lipstick sometime, so I did haha. Oh and I got a new earcuff/earring. Me likes c: 

 skirt / ring - monki            shoes / necklace / earring - h&m           top - forever 21

And that's it ! Tomorrow I'll have to go to school, I'm getting all my grades back. Wish me luck !


  1. very good you are enjoying your holiday...


  2. je earcuff is mooi!
    O, ikea is altijd leuk. vooral die ijsjes inderdaad, kun je eindeloos bijvullen. haha
    Staat je mooi die lippenstift!

  3. Leuke outfit! Die earcuff is echt mooi, en geniet maar lekker van je vakantie. Zo'n dagje Ikea klinkt geweldig, haha! De ijsjes daar zijn geweldig, 50 cent ofzo?

    XO, Imke

  4. Super leuke outfit! Die lipstick staat je super + die earcuff is gaaaaaaf (: xxx

  5. Die earcuff is heel mooi, en supervette outfit!