Jun 2, 2012

INSPIRATION / my people like to party so I’m always where the freaks at

Hii Guys !

Wooh, I have so something strange to tell you ! You know I told you about my bladder infection right ? Well of course I got medication for that, and it helped ! Yeahh, all the pain in my belly is gone haha. But you know what, one day after I stopped taking that medication I suddenly found all these red bumps and flecks on my skin, all over my freaking body. I was like NOOO what's this ! So, I went to the doctor, again, and she told my that I'm one of those lucky bastards who are allergic to the medication that I got >.<  Seriously ? Man, it looked so ugly, I was red all over and the worst thing was that my whole skin itched like hell, if felt like there were mosquito bites all over my body. Luckily there is a medicine for this as well, so now I'm on that. It's already helpen, the flecks on my arms are almost gone and my face doesn't look like a tomate anymore haha

But that's why there's no outfit post today. I couldn't take pictures of myself looking like that. No way ! So instead of that I'm just going to show you some of my latest, favourite tumblr shots. Enjoy !

Today I'm going to Amsterdam with Dylan, Shanna and Shani. The weather is really nice so we might go the a park and hang around, or maybe do a little shopping ! In the evening we're going to a concert ; Mac Miller ! Woooot, I'm excited, it's going to be a whole kind of different concert, because it's a whole kind of different music style, so I'm really curious c: 


  1. Wat vervelend van die medicatie! Heel veel plezier bij mac miller, lijkt me echt leuk om heen te gaan :)

  2. Wow! Super veel plezier bij Mac Miller. Lucky you <3

  3. Wat vet dat je naar Mac Miller ging!

  4. Lovely pictures. love the 1st one.
    I hope you'll get better.



  5. Yeah, some of those pictures are crazy and I like the smoking through the ear picture best!