Apr 9, 2012

you're my river running high, run deep, run wild

Hii Guys !

Happy Easter Everyone ! I know it's a bit too late, but hey, we can still enjoy all the little easter chocolates haha. I'm sorry for my absence the last few days. I told you I had 5 days off, so there was time for outfit shooting but I decided to use these days to get back on track with some school subjects and to hang out with friends. When school starts tomorrow, my daily routine will as well, so from now on I'll post as often as I used to do ! 

Anyway, my days off were really nice. I also did some shopping, got a new summer jacket, a bikini and some summer clothes. Expect a post about that very soon ( I still need to show you my DIY american flag shorts as well !! ) 

And this is what I wore to an easter brunch I had yesterday. Mann, I ate so much, nomnomnom (: I know colourblocking is só last season, but I don't care. The colours make me happy !

 blouse - new look        jeans / blazer / necklace / ring - h&m             shoes - pearlz

And that's it ! Dylan is coming over today to celebrate the last day off.


  1. beautiful outfit!
    i like a lot the blouse


  2. love d shoes and d blouse! such pretty colors! :)
    new post on my blog

  3. This one is nice. The colours are so unique, as you are.
    Do you have orange polish on left hand, and pink o the other hand?
    Will you dye your hair again? Because I gotta say, I miss your pink hair.
    Have a nice day.

  4. Wat een gave outfit, lekker kleurrijk! x

  5. wat een mooie blouse! ik heb het al erg vaak gezegd, maar je ziet er echt altijd zo leuk uit! liefs! ♥

  6. Happy Easter babe! :)

    Love the yellow blouse, so summery. :) xx

  7. Wauw, mooie ketting!
    & Veel kleur !

    xoxo 2NDtheytalk.blogspot.com