Apr 24, 2012

you'll find out how much I can take

Hii Guys !

I'm really sorry for my absent the last few days, but I'm ill. Very ill. Friday everything was ok, and Friday night I  even felt more happy than I had in a long time, but than I woke up the next morning. Totally out of nowhere I had these weird pains in my under arms, I didn't really know what it was so I just went to work. I mean, I felt good, except for that little bit of pain. But than in the evening when we celebrated my sister's birthday I started to feel a bit weird. Halfway through the night I couldn't stand my headache anymore so I went to bed, and the next morning I felt terrible. And now I still do. My father thinks it's just the flew or something, and we're hoping I'll be better by Friday, because my bus to Tigne will leave then.. 

So yeah Guys, that's what I wanted to tell you. I'm not gone, I didn't forget about you, my body just forgot about me, haha. 

Take care of yourselfs ! 


  1. I hope you improve...
    lot of kisses


  2. he, wat rot zeg! ik hoop dat je snel beter wordt! liefs!

  3. Echt vervelend! Heel veel beterschap, volgens mij heerst het! x

  4. Ahh echt vervelend:( veel beterschap! xoxo