Apr 27, 2012

there's a bomb in the back of my head

Hii Guys !

Thank you so much for all your support ! It really means a lot to me ! And you know what, I'm already feeling better ! Wednesday my father took me to the doctor because we just didn't think it was a regular flew anymore, the doctor didn't know either so we went somewhere else, and there they took some blood samples. We already have some results but they just show there ís something wrong, but not whát's wrong. So, for that we'll have to wait longer. 

But since my fever went down already and it's almost back to normal I'm going to Tignes anyway today ! Yesterday Dylan and Shani went over and I felt quite normal again, I mean, I only had a little headache and my body was a bit flabby, but I can handle that. And it's the same how I feel now, I just have a little headache and my body is weak. So maybe I won't be able to snowboard that much, or that intense, but it's always better than  sitting at thome wondering what it's like there..

So now I'm going to leave you for another 7 days :c I'm sorry guys, but this time I ám bringing my camera so I'll be taking pictures c: 

If you have a holiday yourself ; enjoy it to the fullest !


  1. Jesus, hope it's nothing too bad! Veel beterschap Manon, doe wel rustig aan hè? :)
    Love, Demi


  2. Hopelijk is het niet iets heel ergs! Beterschap iniedergeval xx

  3. Hopelijk is het niks erg! Sterkte! :) x

  4. beterschap, duimen voor een goede uitslag dan maar! liefs.

  5. Heel erg veel beterschap, en ik hoop op een goede resultaat!

    X dailylifeofmaika

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