Mar 8, 2012

the sky is blue, dream that lie 'till it's true

Hii Guys !

And here is a normal outfit post again ! I'm wearing my new pull and bear top which I absolutely love. It's not really visibile in these pictures, but the black part is see trough, and that's what makes it a bit special (: I'm also wearing new suspenders. Not the ones I bought a few weeks a go, but these are old ones from dad, haha.

And, I still want you to watch the documentary which I posted yesteray. I'v only got one comment on that post, haha. Not that's what matters, but I just want you to see the video ! This is the last time I'll talk about it, I promise, haha.

top / shorts - pull and bear              suspenders - vintage            rings - h&m                   necklace - fashionology

Ok that's it. Tomorrow I have my last exam / test ; Sociology. Blugh, I've been studying for 3 hours, but I still feel like I know nothing. Wish me luck !


  1. die top is echt leuk!
    En succes met je toets! Je kunt het! :D

  2. oehh love it! die bretels zijn echt tof :)!x

  3. cool outfit :D
    hey your blog is nice n,n i like it :D and pretty post! :D♥
    Have a nice day! :D
    I hope you can check my blog! :D thanks! n_n

  4. Wat een ontzettend leuk ring die met dat hart!:)

    xx Laura

  5. waauw geweldige outfit!
    die schoenen zijn echt vet!

  6. love it!! nice shoes!

  7. Cute t-shirts, i've wanted one like that for a while. :)

  8. Bedankt voor je lieve reactie op mijn blog meis! :)
    Hele leuke outfit en superleuke blog heb je!

    Ik volg je vanaf nu <3