Mar 7, 2012

KONY 2012

Hii Guys !

Lately I've been a bit uninspired, which sucks. I can't combine anything in my closet to make a new outfit, I just end up with some basic things. This doesn't have to be bad, but it's not always blog 'worthy' , haha. Eitherway, I did plan on posting an outfit today, but then something happened. It does nothing to do with fashion or photography, but this is something important. Something really important. It's a short documentary about Kony.  You probably don't know him, and that's what we need to change. We have to make this guy famous, because we need to stop him.

Usually I'm not the person who shares all kinds of video's and pictures like ; you have to see this, it will change the world, or if you don't share this, you'll die in 7 days. Stuff like that irritates me, but today I saw something different. Completely diffrent and it totally turned my thoughts upside down. I don't exactly know how to explain it, and that's why I'm just going to post the documentary. You might think, what , it's 30 minutes ! I'm not going to watch this ! But please do, I beg you. I even cried a bit watching this, and I had chills all over.

So please, sit back, start the documentary and watch. It's worth your time. 

When I saw this, I knew I need to share this on my blog. It's my help to stop Kony. So, even if it doesn't fit your blog, post this. It won't do any harm, people all over the world need to see this. 
Invisible People 


  1. Wow, dit moeten we met alle bloggers gaan delen! De wereld MOET dit weten!
    lots of love,

  2. it's awful that something like that can happen in these days.
    i already donate money for it, and i will join for meetings and something.
    are you going to attend meetings or something for this project in your country?

  3. Dat filpje is echt heel erg eye-opening.. k zat bijna te janken hier.. vreselijk. Hoe kun je dit in vredesnaam doen?! wreed. heel wreed...