Mar 2, 2012

I wish I could discover something that doesn't expire.

Hii Guys !

Woohooo, I"m 16 ! Yesterday was my birthday and I had the most amazing day c: Beautiful weather, lovely people around me, and snowboarding ! I'm not planning on throwing a big sweet sixteen party or something like that. I mean, it's not like anything changes now, I already drank alcohol, it's just legal now, haha.

A few weeks a go I showed you a detail photo of my snowboard jacket and some of you asked me to make an outfit post about it. So here it is ! I absolutely love this jacket, it's bright, girly but not too. haha. When I'd put this on, with the hat and the goggles it totally felt like Austria. Especially because of the weather back then. Because, for your information, these pic's are taken some time a go when there still was snow, it's all gone now, haha. 

 jacket - brunotti                   shirt - pull and bear               shoes - vintage 

Ok, I still can't tell you why I am so happy at the moment. But next post I'll explain everything (:


  1. yeaaah cool! Ik heb laatst voor het eerst gesnowboard, jesus ik ging dood! alles deed pijn en ik kan het nog steeds niet. maar ik wil het zeker wel leren dus ik ga nog wel een keer goed pijn leiden :P

    En wtfuuu ik wist niet dat je net pas 16 was gek! veel ouder dacht ik haha Gefeliciteerd alsnog :D!!


  2. Wooh ik dacht dat je al 17/18 was joh ! Gefeliciteerdd ! K Ben nog nooit op wintersport geweest.. k Ben er te klunzig voor denk ik..

  3. I like your jacket, it's amazing. Kisses Happy bday :)

  4. Leuke foto's! Ligt er NU nog sneeuw bij jou? ;o


  5. So glad you had a good birthday babe! xx

  6. So pretty!

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    ox from NYC!


  7. Hi..can you tell me what size is your Brunotti ski jacket? Thank you very much! :)

  8. Thank you for answering. I bought this jacket online and i didn't knew what size should i order. But i think M is good for me too. :) Have a nice day!

  9. One more question and i'll leave you alone: what height are you?