Mar 5, 2012

INSPIRATION / come on baby, we ain't gonna live forever

Hii Guys !

Ok, time to explain everything. Last week I was on a holiday in Austria, I'd already talked about it but I'd never told you when exactly I would go. I couldn't tell you because lately there is a lot of criminality in our small town.  Breaking into houses and shops, violence at night. blugh it's creepy. And since now a days people can find out everything on the internet, my father and I thought it would be safer not to tell 'everybody' that we were on a holiday. But, now I'm back home so I can tell you how AMAZING it was in Austria ! Ohmy, I want to go back there so badly. Snowboarding makes me so happy, I feel so free riding down the hills, in the sun, with music  on.  I'm glad I'm going again in May ! c:

And ofcourse my birthday ! We'd partied a lot, haha, lots and lots of drinking. And I got some presents as well. My father gave me a concert ticket for Coldplay ! Ohyeaah, I'm so happy c: I also got two books, fashion related, english books, written by Nina Garcia. 'The little black book of style' and 'The style strategy' . They look really nice, tonight I'm going to start reading  ! And I've got a H&M gift cart, some magazines and make-up. Love it all (:

 So that's it for now ! Today was also my first day of school again, it sucked. I've already started the countdown 'till the next holiday !


  1. Oh how I would love to visit Austria someday! Glad you had a nice trip! xo

  2. so cool babe!

    new outfit post ; h&m trend cardigan

  3. Ah zou ik ook wel willen! xxx

  4. aaah, ik wil ook zo graag weer op wintersport. ik snap je helemaal. :)
    En wat een leuke kado's!
    Nog gefeliciteerd!