Feb 27, 2012

PHOTOGRAPHY / these are the moments worth living for.

Hii Guys !

Finally, here they are ! The 'snow shots' ! I know it's not much, and there is nothing special about them, but I like them ! I regret the fact I didn't take any more pictures, 'cause these are like the only one, haha. Next year I'll take more, or even maybe this year. Though I've had enough of all the cold, I'd like some summer now please (:   Oh, the girl on the last picture is my little sister, doesn't she look cute ? haha

 That's it for now people !  I'm sorry for not responding on your comments, but I'm very busy. I want to tell you things so badly, but I can't, yet. Next week I'll  explain everything, I promise. All I can say for now is that I'm really happy at the moment (: