Dec 30, 2011

why ? because I feel like it, that's why.

Hii Guys ! 

Outfit timeeee, wow I just took these photo's and the weather was so nice, but a second after I got inside again it started raining like hell. And now the sun is shining again, but it looks like it's going to rain again.. the weather is so weird !  

Tomorrow is the last day of 2011, and I cannot believe we have already went through another twelve months of absolute fuckery. Yes, this year was weird, a lot of horrible things happened all over the world and in my own life I had to face some hard stuff as well. However, this year was waaaay better than 2010 for me. I made new friends, I've learned how to snowboard, I bought my first SLR-camera, I went to London and I've done some other things which were on my 'before I die' list.  Tomorrow all blogs will post a happy new year post and I'm doing it today, just because I feel like it, haha (:  

shoes - creepers, demonia           socks - unknown            ring / top - forever21           scarf - new look          jacket - the sting

 Dear readers and followers, I want to wish you a happy 2012, a new year, a new beginning. Let's make things happen this year, let's fall in love, let's have fun and let's do things that make us happy so often as possible. Thank you for following me, I'm just passed the 400 followers, and that means a lot to me. Without you this blog wouldn't be the same. 
You guys deserve the best ! I love you ! 


  1. your rings are always unique

  2. Gorgeous look, suits you very well! 2011 had its ups and downs, but yes, overall it was quite succesfull (:

    Xo, Imke

  3. echt leuk met die sokken! Staat je heel leuk!
    En jij ook een heel fijn 2012! Ik hoop dat het een geweldig jaar voor je word. :)

  4. Ziet er leuk uit! Ik word ook echt gek van dat nederlandse weer geef mij maar zomer :)

  5. hoe heet ook alweer dat programma waar je je gifs mee maakt? Ik ben de reactie kwijt. haha.

  6. love this outfit, creepers are always the best!

  7. You look gorgeous my darling.

    Happy new year! :D xx

  8. wow love the outfit !

    x Char

  9. wauw echt amazing.
    Super gave schoenen btw .
    Happy new yeaar !!!
    Im following you ^^
    follow me too please

    much love (L)(L)(L)(L)

  10. Love the shoes and the socks, you are too beautiful.