Dec 12, 2011

I took a hit of your level baby, now I just can't get enough.

Hii Guys !

Yesterday I went to a little forest near my house with one of my best friends (: We had a lot of fun taking photo's, and she also took some for my blog ! So, in this outfit you'll just see my wintercoat, haha. I bought this one last year but it still fits good. I don't have a lot of time because I have to study a lot. Today I had my English and Economics test and both went well (: Tomorrow I'll have Dutch and Maths.. blugh, I facking hate maths and I don't understand anything. Let's hope my father can help me out ! 

 Parka - Newlook          Boots - Unknown                Red Scarf - HEMA 

On the last pic you can see my lovely friend who took the photo's (: 
Thank you Lieke for the wonderful photographs and a lovely day outside !


  1. leuk! xoox
    Ben benieuwd wat je van mijn outfit vindt! xoxo

  2. i love your first pic. and the red scarf...very beautiful

  3. thank you for your nice words;)

  4. I love days like this with best friends. <3 :) xx

  5. wat een leuke foto's. :D
    Mooie jas!