Dec 21, 2011

honestly I just don't care.

Hii Guys !

Today no school for me ! We have a national strike against more school hours. Over 10.000 people have already sent their autograph and today there will be a protest in our capital, Amsterdam. Pupils in our school are allowed to strike, but only if they can prove they'd really went to the strike, and not have been lazy all day in bed. So I'm going to the city today ! woohoo, byebye boring classes (: 

Blazer / Shorts / Necklace / Shoes - H&M              Sheer dotted blouse - Monki          Belt - Unknown

This is the outfit I wore to a birthday pary last weekend. My nephew turned 20, wow, I can't believe he's almost officially a grownup man, haha. And that's it for today ! Maybe I'll see some of you at the strike, haha !



  1. the black pices combine perfect with your short. i like so much this post, and this have lot of personality.

  2. Succes met de staking! Je ziet er iniedergeval leuk uit :)

  3. super gaaf je outfit
    zou het zo aandoen!

    New outfit post: Lace meets tiger

  4. Super leuke outfit! ;D
    Liefs' Manon

  5. I love it !!
    beautifull pictures

    Let follow eachother !!

  6. Oh god,I love those shorts but I have never bought it because I never saw one that I really liked in those who seem to plan desaster, and how those who are below the pockets out, awesome *-*
    kisses (L)

  7. Leuke blog heb je! (:

    Doe je ook mee aan onze winactie??