Nov 28, 2011

some crazy-ass kids come and knocked up on your door

Hii Guys !

I'm sorry for not posting that often the last few weeks. I'm really busy and I don't know why that is so all of a sudden. I'm not even having my testweek yet ! And please don't think I just say I'm busy, I really am ! I make long days at school, I go to the gym twice a week, I work at a store once a week and at this time of the year I have a lot of birthdays. That's not really a bad thing, but still, it costs a lot of time.

Yesterday I went to Rotterdam to see my Grandma and she had some presents for me ! Already for the holidays (: I was really surprised because I hadn't expect anything. And the best thing : the presents are actually really nice, normally I get a bit of these odd stuff you don't really use but you pretend like you wanted it really badly, haha. I know that is a bit mean to say, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who does this !

 Bag - Primark               Top - H&M              Nailpolish - Catrice

Thank you Grandma for the bag and the nailpolishes (:


  1. your bag is very beautiful.

  2. Wat leuk dat ze cadeautjes voor je had gekocht. :D

    Liefs' xx

  3. love love love your blog!! i follow now!! I find really interesting with some outfits and in perfect style!! kisses ;)

  4. Superleuk!
    haha die tas. geniaal

  5. your grandma's so sweeeet haha, love that bag! you look so nice :)