Nov 4, 2011

PHOTOGRAPHY / I feel the freedom as we just left the bright city lights

Hii Guys !

Ok, so here comes the whole story about last Tuesday night ! 
First of all, I went to the concert with 6 other girls, so we had a girls night out (: The concert was in Rotown , Rotterdam, so we first had 'dinner' ( we went to mcdonalds ). We actually bought everything we could think of ! haha, we had soooo  much food. After that we went to the concert. It was a really small place, and we stood like one meter in front of the stage ! And, when they played my favourite song ( bushes ), Ryan ( leadsinger, you can see above ) jumped of the stage. Right in front of me ! Omg, I couldn't believe it.Because it was my favourite song I was filming, so everything is on film. He actually sung into the camera and danced with us ! But there's more, I also caught a plectrum !. (: And after the concert we got to meet them ! I talked with Ryan about his tattoo and we bought Nash ( guitarist with the short hair ) a beer ! haha, they were so nice ! And of course I got to take a picture with every guy of the band (:

Well, that's the story in a brief. It was amazing, and when they come back, I'm definitely going to see them again !  Here are the photo's :


  1. Wauw, het klinkt echt super! Echt leuk dat je zo dicht bij stond en dat je dat plectricum hebt gevangen!XXX

  2. Super leuk (:
    en wauw, een plectrum gevangen? echt super vet!
    en misschien kan je dat filmpje op je blog zetten?
    (: haha, maar zei zijn echt heel goed!

  3. dat klinkt echt geweldig!
    Ik kan me voorstellen hoe je je gevoeld moest hebben! :D

  4. Love the photos! You girls are very pretty.


  5. Wat klinkt dat geweldig , en die foto's zijn echt super!

    ps: zou het mogelijk zijn om fan te worden van mijn facebook-pagina waar er nog meer werken van mij op staan. =>