Oct 24, 2011

fear can make you compromise

Hii Guys !

So, from now on the normal blogging will start again ! Today was my first day of school, and I hated it ! Waking up early, not having an expanded breakfast and into the cold on your way to school. Damn, I need another Holiday already. I also got some grades back from my exam week, and they're not that good.. I've already got 2 too low grades, not F's I think, but the point is ; they're not good enough ! 

They other thing is that I received another e-mail from the company I ordered my creepers. And they're not coming yet. They told me my creepers weren't in the last delivery they got, so I have to wait at least another week.. well, so far, this day is horrible. 

But, there's one nice thing about this day. I wore my new sweater from Monki (: yeaahh, I absolutely love it, the fabrics is so nice, and it's so comfy, but still fashionable ! So, now I wore something blog worthy again, I thought I'd better take some photo's of it, haha

 sweater ' red/black ring - monki       necklace ' bag ' heart ring ' shoes - h&m 

And that's it for now. I've already got some homework, so I'd better make it right away !


  1. Die ring met dat hart vind ik erg mooi!

  2. your look is great. love the grey colour on you. and your rings.... so original and wonderfull.
    love this outfit!


  3. You and your blog inspire me) and grey - one of my favorite colors, your look is great!)

  4. dont worry...tomorrow will be a great day....love the outfit...looks great on u...beautiful rings


  5. wauw, super leuke outfit ! Hele mooie foto's x

  6. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment!
    Love your style and your gorgeous blog,following your blog x Hope your having a lovely day x

  7. nice outfit!!! you look gorgeous!!! start of school is really not that all fun due to waking up early, the school works and exams... but there is also a brighter side on going to school, being with friends and learning a lot of things is really the best part of it... enjoyed your blog... following you now.. hope you could visit my blog too... kissess!!!!


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  8. Such a cosy looking jumper! :)

    & I hope you get your Creepers soon. I hate waiting for deliveries to arrive. >.< xxxx

  9. Cool sweater!


  10. your house look nice! and so do you and your outfit. and I looove monki show! its awesome.

  11. Leuk! Mooi haar heb je.