Sep 23, 2011

You're a bandit, just a no good, to bit, filthy, rotten criminal

Hii Guys !

It's weekend again ! yeaaah. Don't know what I'm doing tonight but I'm definitely not staying home because the weather is far to good for that ! I think I'm just hanging around with some friends in the open air (: Yeah, that sounds good haha ! 

The outfit I'm wearing is one of my new favourites, it's another men blouse and it's super comfy. I think my new favourite fashion items are men blouses, I already got 3 of them, haha. I still have one left to show you, maybe the next post ? We'll see x) In the second pic' you can also see my new bracelet, which I got at the concert of owl city. It's my 3th one, the others ( green and white ) are from NeverShoutNever and The Maine. It became kind of a tradition to buy a bracelet like this at every concert I go, at least, if they sell them(:

 Everything H&M

And, I've reached a 333 followers ! WOOHOOO Thank you so much < 3  And this is what you can win with your question :

So don't hesitate and put your most funny or original question in a comment below, and you might be the future owner of this awesome bracelet ! (:


  1. Super leuke outfit!
    en een superleuke armband (:
    ik had al vragen ingestuurd, dus.... ik hoop
    dat ik win haha

  2. Je ziet er heel leuk uit! Hmmm ik moet even een goeie vraag bedenken..
    Wat is de eerste gedachte die bij je opkomt als je deze vraag leest?
    Haha oke hij is héél slecht.. XX

  3. Wauw! Super leuke outfit! Jij maakt altijd zulke mooie foto's!

  4. Wauw superleuk! En een leuke blog ik ga je volgen! Eeehm...
    Wat is je grootste miskoop en je beste koop ooit? :) Haha, hoop dat hij goed is!

    Xxx Kim

  5. Super leuke outfit!
    Mijn vraag is: waarvan wil je nog een armbandje, dus eigenlijk; naar welk concert wil je nog.

  6. your new shirt is so beautiful. hm are great...
    my question is: why coconut fashion?, why not bannana fashion or apple fashion?...

  7. super mooie fotos!

    mijn vraag : waarom ben je altijd een tweeling in je fotos?? hahaax

    followme on..

  8. Wat zie je er weer stoer uit! :D

  9. Such great outfit!! menswear can never go wrong can they? hehehe I love men's shirt too, they're so comfy and stylish for some reason :)

    here's my question: Have anyone ever doubt your choice in menswear?

    ps: thx so much for ur lovely comment on my post, really appreciate it! I'm following ur amazing blog now! pls do follow mine too if u haven't already, it'll mean so so much to me! thx :)


  10. Love your outfit.Are you wearing a black tank top or is it really a dress?I want that bracelet...Please :)

  11. is die titel van all time low? <3

  12. hey there! such a lovely blog and photos! Love the bracelet!
    bisous marilia