Sep 3, 2011

I've got another confession to make, I'm your fool.

Hii Guys !

Today I was planning on showing you an outfit post with my new blouse from river island which I bought 2 weeks a go. I'm totally in love with it ! But I didn't have a chance to make any pictures so, I'll show you this outfit another time (: I couldn't make any pictures because I went shopping with my little sister. We bought her a nice dress because next week she's going to her first dance party ever ! haha. I also bought some cool stuff in the sale. And I got 2 pair of new shoes (: I'm really happy with them ! The black ones are like the newer version of my leather biker boots I already have, but they are totally rubbish now, though I can still were those to festivals and outdoor activities (:   

 Hmm, the colour of the shoes are a bit weird on these pictures.. well you will probably get to see them another time in an outfit, let's hope the colour will show of good then ! 

I'm off making up for a party tonight. We are celebrating  my father's birthday, though his real birthday was like a month a go, haha. We're expecting quit a lot people !


  1. Het kledingstuk op de tweede foto is echt zo leuk! Veel plezier bij je vader's partyyyy. Ik ga vanavond lekker stappen :) XX, Masha

  2. Your blog are so pretty and the clothes are amazing! :)

    C A R A V I N V O N V A N ♥

  3. ;o dat geruit hemdje is geweldig!

    Liefs' Armanixx

  4. die schoenen, en dat jasje en die geruite blouse - hahah alles dus ♥♥♥

  5. wauw wat mooi! vooral dat jasje!

    i love your blog! ik volg je (:

  6. Superleuk blousje! en die schoenen!!!


  7. Amazing picks, love them all...the boots are wow

  8. die laatste paar schoenen zijn echt leuk!

  9. haha, nee, geen idee waar we zaten, maar niet in port zelande, en ook niet op center parcs. haha. ;)

  10. Hele leuke dingen!

    Dankje nog voor je reactie,
    ik volg je nu! :)