Sep 27, 2011

answers Q&A - Part 2 - Winner !

When you do your make-up, which eye turns out the best ?
Uhm, you know it doesn't depends on the eye itself but which eye I do first ! The eye I do first turns out best usually  ;p

What do you think of Dries Roelvink and his yellow tanga ?
hahaha, well for the non-dutchies this question is really weird. Dries Roelvink is a Dutch celebrity but most of the people make fun of him because he once showed up in a commercial wearing a yellow tanga x) I think he looks ridiculous, but I have to admit he's got guts to do this !  

What would you do if Gerard Joling moved near you ?
I think I would not really pay attention to it. I mean if he'd become like a neighbor it would be pretty weird, but in a good way ! I'm not a fan of him so he's just a 'normal' person for me ;p Oh yeah, again, Gerard Joling is a gay Dutch celebrity.   

If you could smack any celebrity, which one would it be ?

Miley Cyrus ! I don't know why but I don't like the way she acts like she's the best. I do like her songs 'party in the usa' and 'can't be tamed' though, but still. I think she tries to be a rock chick or something in that way, but she really isn't. And because of that, other people get wrong ideas of the people who really like punk/rock. I mean just put Miley Cyrus an Taylor Momsen next to eachother. No offence but but Miley looks like a hooker and Taylor like a rocker ? Btw, I immediately apologize to the people who love Miley, remember this is just my opinion !

What's the worst thing you've ever bought ? And what the best ?
The worst thing is a denim dress from H&M. I bought it summer 2010 but it was to big then, and it still is. I think it will never fit me, haha. I don't like the model either, but I ordered it online and felt to lazy to send it back, back then, haha. The best thing I've ever bought is my black monki skirt I think. I wear it quit a lot. And my ear cuff, I'm really glad that I bought that thing, wear it every day ! (:

Why coconut fashion?, why not bannana fashion or apple fashion?
haha funny story ! : I made this blog at school in a very boring class. I used to sing a little song with to friends back then. Dutch : we eten ananas, en cocosnoot en ik eet een banaan ! English : we're eating pineapple, a coconut and I eat a banana. I just realize it looks really stupid like this haha. But yeah, I don't remember why I choose coconut of those 3 fruits, probably because it sounded best (:

And here is the winning question ! :

Do you ever talk to objects ?
Well yes I do ! Sometimes I just talk to my window when I'm staring outside of it or I'll just talk to my computer. pretty weird he ? And I also talk to my friend's mobile. We have this little game we do and it works like this : we put her music on shuffle and then ask the mobile a question like : Is tomorrow going to be a fun day ? or Does 'this boy' like me ? haha, and then the title of the song that pops up is the answer ! (:

Congratulations Lotte ! I choose your question because it made me laugh to write about the little game I always play. 

I want to thank everybody who sent in a question, you guys did a great job and I really enjoyed answering the questions ! I hope you enjoyed reading some more personal things about me. Next post is going to be another outfit post (: So stay tuned ! 


  1. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesss :D
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    Die winnende vraag is inderdaad erg leuk!

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    Liefs' Armani xx

  4. thank you so much, i like your blog, i like your pictures and everything, it's so good.
    love greetings Silvana ♥