Aug 30, 2011

see it - make it - show it DIY

Hii Guys !

How are you guys doing ? Well I'm doing fine ! Just like yesterday I had a short day of school, today I had only one lesson ! And this means I have almost the whole day for myself (: Yesterday I did some homework but today I baked a cake ( which turned out pretty grose, but how cares ? ;p ) and did something really cool with my nails ! A few posts a go I showed my nail creations as well, you can see those here , I also told you there that the nail art is all new to me and I'm not very good at it yet. But a few days a go I found this tutorial on youtube ( I'm sorry I don't know where it's exactly from, but I don't clame anything ) and I thought it was so awesome ! Especially because it's so easy (:  

We are going to make news paper nails ! 

You will need an old page of a news paper + alcohol + littl bowl + white nail polish + base & top coat

 Step 1 . Make your nails ready with a base coat and let this dry. Then paint your nails white. Make sure this is completely dry as well before we move on to our next step.

Step 2 . Now that your nails are dry we can move on to the fun part ! Take your alcohol and pour a little bit of it in the little bowl. Now tear of a little part of your news paper and dip it in the alcohol.

Step 3 . Now push this little piece of paper really hard on your nails for like 15 seconds. Then remove the paper slowly and you will see that the letters of your news paper are 'printed' on your nails now !  Let this dry for about 5 minutes and then carefully add a top coat to protect the ink from fading away.  

sorry for the bad pictures, I used my old camera today

There you have it ! Your new nails (:

I hope you liked this little DIY, it's the first I've ever done on my blog and it's just a little experiment. If you try this yourself please sent my some pictures of it ! I'm curious to see how it works out for you ! You can definitely make them a lot nicer as I did, because I was in a little hurry. 
byeeee xx


  1. Wat een handige DIY, erg duidelijk! Ik moet het nog steeds een keer proberen... :)

  2. Ik kende deze nailart al en hij blijft leuk. Heb hem zelf alleen nog nooit gedaan, maar wil het zeker een keer gaan proberen.

  3. ziet er echt leuk uit zeg!
    Had het nog nooit gezien, maar ga het zeker eens proberen!

  4. Ziet erg heel gaaf uit Echt heel mooi gedaan

    New outfitpost - Lace dress

  5. wat super super super leuk bedacht! (a)

  6. Super leuke DIY!
    Ik hou een give away en die eindigd vanavond. Ik zou het erg leuk vinden als je nog meedoet.
    Je kunt een welnesspakket winnen!
    Liefs, Charlie

  7. ziet er echt heeel erg leuk uit!
    ga het zeker proberen.