Aug 13, 2011

Get them bottles poppin'

Hii Guys !

So I'm pretty tired right now, I've been to 'the tent' 3 days in a row and tonight I"m going again ! It's like a huge tent where you can dance and drink ! It's really a village thing because there are a lot of farmer kids there so they play all kinds of dutch party music which kind of sucks because I'm really not into that music but there such a good vibe there that you just have to like it ! Wow, that's one long sentence, haha x)

This is just a normal outfit, only the vintage blazer gives it just that little vintage touch. When I put this on I was like ; wow, I'm wearing jeans ! That's really exceptional because I haven't wore any jeans in like, months ! haha. I'm hooked to panties since I discovered those ! But this jeans just fit perfectly (: 

Jeans / Shoes / Necklace - H&M       Blacer - Vintage       Top - Forever 21 

But, now I'm off to my friend Lieke, we're gonna make us ready for the party (:


  1. ja nu weet ik zeker dat jij het was haha. ja leuk he! wij moesten direct door, we gingen naar het strand en jullie liepen een andere richting op dusja.. wel jammer!

  2. lovely outfit, you're beautiful as always!!!

    happy sunday!
    jos xx