Jul 31, 2011

let the good times roll

Hii Guys !

Just a quick goodbye post this time ! I'm in the middle of packing right now because tomorrow morning I'm leaving to Portzelande. That's a village in The Netherlands. I'm going there with my friend Lieke and it's going to be one big party ! Ohyeaaah ! We've seen the forecast, and we're very lucky because the coming 2 days will be pretty good with lots of sunshine (: Got my bikini ready, my music and a camera ; so let the good times roll ! 

Charlie Mcdonnel

See you next week !


  1. Wow die plaats heb ik lang niet gehoord! ik ging daar vroeger altijd heen! Krijg ineens allemaal herinneringen weer hahaha heel veel plezier!


  2. Hope you have an amazing time hunni. :)

    Omg I love Charlie. I think my favourite video of his has to be him making a cup of tea in "How to be English". Hahaha. :) xxx