Jul 20, 2011

laugh it off, tomorrow it will all seem so yesterday

Black dress + Shoes + Rings - H&M        Vest + Bag - Unknown        Rubiks kube necklace - Tally weijl

Hii Guys !

Today I spent my time watching breakfast at tiffany's, eating a muffin and shooting some photo's of myself wearing my new bandanna. Which isn't that new because I got it a few days before I went to Portugal but I hadn't had the time to show you it. So you can expect some of those shots in my next post. This is a normal outfit post as usual with a not so special outfit. I hate the fact I look fat in these photo's, I'm just not photogenic >.< haha, well, nothing I can do about it right ? 

Yesterday I went to The Hague with my friend Shanna. We weren't planning on it but we were bored and hungry for Starbucks ! And The Hague is one of the 3 places in The Netherlands with a starbucks so I'm very lucky living near The Hague. After our starbucks we shopped a little bit in the sale. I bought some nice shoes for only 5 euro ! And a bandeau, parfume and a bra, haha. Everything under the 5 euro ! That's how we do it (:  We also went to a book store with lots of English books, Shanna and I love to read English books (: We saw a really nice book for only 6 euro, but I was broke so she bought it. On our way back home, sitting in the train she suddenly pulled out a present and it was the book ! I was totally surprised, I love you Shanna ! 
The Tent by Margaret Atwood

So now I'm off to work !


  1. Lovely blog!

    want to follow each other?x


  2. Wow, dat boek lijkt super!
    En je outfit is ook super mooi, ik hou vand die grijze cardigan ^-^

    ps: you can still join our giveaway

  3. je outfit is leuk, en je ringen zijn zo mooi!x

  4. Geweldige ketting! leuke outfit ook! love the shoes gehe

  5. Leuke hartjesring!
    En wat lief van je vriendin. :)

  6. nawh, it's just because i love you. ♥

  7. Wouw, wat een leuke outfit! Mooie foto's! Ik vind je schoenen echt heel gaaf!

    Leuke blog! Zullen we elkaar volgen ;)?

  8. Aw, dank je voor je lieve reactie! Jouw header is ook leuk trouwens :)!

  9. very nice blog ;3
    u can follow my http://mashayummy.blogspot.com/

  10. Die ketting heb ik echt nog nooit gezien!
    Hij is wel leuk!


  11. haha leuke ketting! zo'mn ketting heb ik nog nooit gezien. of nouja is me nooit opgevallen. erg leuk, erg leuke outfit gewoon, zoals altijd :D