Jun 6, 2011

Girl, put your record on.

Hii Guys !

Today was the last school Monday (: Yeaaah, unbelievable don't you think ? Today I had my last science lesson ever ! I didn't choose that subject for the coming years, so it really was my last science lesson EVER ! Tomorrow we have a sportsday, or a sport event at school. You can call it whatever you like, but the bottom line is, is that we have to exercise, whole day long.. And to be honest, I don't really like sports, I mean, I like it when the weather is good. Then it's fun to go for a run or skate, bike or swim somewhere. But gym at school just sucks >.< So I think I'm gonna pass this 'sports day' this year. I do have a injury in my legs ( is that good english? ) so I can't really run. Hopefully my father will let me stay home (: 

I asked my father to take some pictures again, but he was in a hurry so they're not very special either. But I've decided to this more often now because I like these pictures more than the 'normal' ones I always took. Oh yeah, my blog anniversary is almost here (: ! 


  1. Love your outfit. Hij is echt heel leeuk :)
    XXX Laura

  2. thanks a lot!

    that's a very cute bag. And yep, I would also try to skip a sports day at school...ahahahaha

  3. love this outfit :)
    and you look beautiful dear :D


  4. Je tasje en je ring zijn heel mooi!

  5. great outfit :)
    it's co cute :)

  6. nice outfit!

    And the song from the post-title was one of my faves!


  7. i really really like your bag!
    so cute
    your dad is so sweet! my dad would never take any pictures for me. except when we're on a holiday or something..

    thank you for your sweet comment!
    do come back soon :)


  8. Love the dress - love the mixture of patterns. Very pretty.

    I hated sports at school too - still do I will be honest! xx