Jun 23, 2011

be the jackass in heaven ryan

Hii Guys !

This is just a quick post that I wanted to do about Ryan Dunn. Maybe some of you know that Ryan Dunn recently passed away. He had a car accident. Ryan Dunn was a co-star in the Jackass movies/series and best friend of Bam Margera ( one of my heroes ) When I heard that he died I couldn't believe it, in Jackass they always do the most dangerous things and every time you think : o gosh, this stunt is social suicide. But they always end up with only a few scratches. They always seemed immortal to me. But apparently they're not. I'm a big jackass fan, and I feel extremely bad for the jackass crew, they lost a really good friend and I feel like I lost a friend too. My wishes go out to his close friends and family, I'll hope they'll recover. They won't get over it, I've lost my mum and I know you'll never get over it but the best thing we can do is just remembering all the awesome and nice things you've done with the person you miss. 

Ryan, I know you're going to be the jackass in having and doing some amazing stunts up there. 
Save a spot for me <3 
Rest in Peace 

Ryan & Bam

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