May 2, 2011

Tatty Devine

Hii Guys !

Because I'm to busy with packing my stuff for London I wasn't able to take pictures of an outfit today. So I wanted to share something with you ; this awesome brand Tatty Devine ! It's a jewelry brand, and they have such a fun collection. Looking at it just makes me happy (: It's a British brand btw, and the only real shop is in London ( yeaah ) buuuuut you can also buy the jewelry in Holland ! I don't know if the Dutchies here know about the HYPE kappers, this are hairdresser salons but they also sell fashion brands and Tatty Devine. I must say, some of the creations in the collection are a bit odd, but that's good I think. These jewelry makes a boring outfit totally on-boring , haha ! 
But enough talking about this brand, I'll show you some pieces of the collection ! 

To see the whole collection you should definitely go to the site of Hype, and for the Dutchies : 

Hype kappers heeft nu ook een wedstrijd waar mee je sieraden van Tatty Devine kan winnen ! Ik heb al mee gedaan, je hoeft alleen maar op Facebook Hype kappers en Tatty Devina te ' liken' haha
Het voelt, btw heel raar om in het Nederlands te schrijven op m'n blog x)

So now I'm going to pack my suitcase again, almost ready ! And then have an early night, because we're leaving very early in the morning. I'll update you soon ! 


  1. Ugh so sad that this isn't available in the US. You guys have the best stuff! :)

  2. We love Tatty Devine in Australia! My little jewellery store is a stockist over here in Sydney - happy to ship to Europe/USA if you can't get your hands on it there! Tatty Devine rocks!

  3. haha hebben ze jouw ook gemaild?;D
    mij ook alleen ik twijfel nog een beetje of
    ik er iets mee ga doen.. xxx