Apr 1, 2011

just wanna make the world dance

Hii Guys !

Yes ! Finally there here ! The photo's of my photoshoot ! When I saw the little package I was so excited, haha. I've been thinking about it all the time, would the pictures turn out pretty ? How many do I get ? I was very scared about the fact that there was a possibility that there weren't any good pictures. Or atleast pictures that I would like. But I must say, I do like them (: I received 15 photographs printed and also on a little CD.
And yesterday was the ZipYourLip day, I didn't eat for 24 hours. We stayed in school till 8 o'clock in the evening and then we went home to sleep a bit. This morning we went to school again and with the people who zipped their lips we had a big breakfast with pancakes, cupcakes, eggs, bread and croissants ! It was delicious, especially when you haven't eat for 24 hours, haha ! And a really great thing ;
we raised 2900 euro !
But back to the photoshoot , here are the photographs :

Favorite number 1 (:

Favorite number 3

Favorite number 2

I also received a H&M package and in the next post I'll show you what was in it (:
Have a lovely weekend !


  1. I love the white dress you're wearing.
    CONGRATS on raising so much money.

  2. wauuw die foto's zijn echt heel moooi! <33.

  3. mooie foto's, vind de eerste echt prachtig! en wat heb jij mooi haar zeg.

  4. beautiful! very nice pictures;)

  5. Super leuke foto's!
    Ik vind je jurkje bij de laatste 4 foto's echt geweldig!

  6. wat een leuke foto's! ik loop stage bij talant(: xxx