Apr 28, 2011

do you ever feel like breaking down ?

Shorts'Blazer'Shoes'Ring - H&M              T-shirt - Forever21               Necklace - vintage

Hii Guys !

Do you ever feel like breaking down ? Well I do at the moment, gosh, I'm sooooo ready for vacation ! Just one day left and then only 3 days left till London (: Tomorrow is going to be a long and boring school day but Saturday is Queensday in Holland, so that means PARTY ! Can't wait for that. And Tuesday I'm going to London. I think we'll bring or mini notebook with us, so I possibly post once or twice when I'm there ! 
For now I wanted to show you this outfit. It's simple but classy I think and as you might know, I love black. I think this oufit really show my inner me, haha. I like to be grown up and classy, but at the same time I want to be young and crazy ! Oh and I'm sorry for my hair, it's a total mess ! I hate it when I'm ready for bed, I look in the mirror and my hair looks stunning. And the next morning, when I wake up, my hair looks terrible -.- I think some of the girls will recognize this, haha x)

There's another exciting thing happening, but I can't tell you yet !


  1. Wie is er jarig haha?
    Super outfit!

  2. Haha, volgens mij heb je m'n post niet echt gelezen. ;)
    Ik deed niet mee aan kunstbende, ben er gewoon heen geweest. Haha.

  3. This is my favorite outfit you have worn so far :-)

  4. Awesome look! Love the rings.


  5. leuke foto's! En super veel plezier in Londen!

  6. Haha, my hair does that, so annoying! & it always looks good just before your going to go out & it's either pouring with rain or massively windy! :)

  7. Waauw, hele leuke outfit!
    Ik ga ook naar Londen :D

  8. ik ken het gevoel, maar het is nu vakantie! en veel plezier morgen! ja haar wil nou eenmaal nooit zou als wij dat willen haha. LONDON? gosh jaloer man, heel veel plezier:D oh en super outfit xx

  9. Красивые фотографии=)