Apr 13, 2011

a charming woman is a busy woman

jacket / the sting        jeans´sunglasses / hm

Hii Guys !

This is just going to be another quick post, because I´m having a lot of trouble with my computer. That´s why I´m using my little sister´s one now, and I have to hurry because she´s busy with an assignment for school, haha. But my computer is totally screwed, my father had to delete everything and now he´s cleaning it, from the inside, if you know what I mean ? haha. But so on, here is my new spring jacket, it´s nothing special but I just needed something because my other was kind of broken, haha. And I´m sorry again for the bad quality, but my camera doesn´t seem to work either, I really need a new one !
But I´m just very busy, I have to catch up with school because I missed some tests when I was sick. And I still have to find an intership, which sucks, because if I don´t find one I have to be the ´cleaninglady´ at my school for a week >.< 

I´m of to school !


  1. Leuke outfit heb je aan! ♥

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