Mar 10, 2011

I even fell for that stupid love song.

Dotted Top + Vest - Primark        Shorts - Mango        Tights - H&M        Shoes - Van Haren

 Hii Guys !

Pfjooe, the week is almost over, still one more, sucky day to go.. But then it's WEEKEND. O gosh, you can't imagine how much I'm looking forward to this weekend. Saturday I'll celebrate my Birthday for family and there's going to be a lot of cake, haha ! I'm not really asking presents because I'm saving money for a new camera, so I hope I get some cash (: Ooh, and I'm also a big fan of cake/cupcakes/pie, I used to hate it, but 2 years ago I tasted a reallllllly good chocolat cake, and out of nowhere, I suddenly liked everything, haha x)
And of course, Sunday. Sunday is going to be one of the best days of 2011, I already know. In the morning Shanna, Shani and I'll go to Amsterdam to visit all the lovely stores there, monki & flagship store H&M here we come :D And then finally the concert !!! I'm so excited !!!!
Of course I'll tell you about that next week, but for now just this look. It's the primark top I bough a while a go, I didn't wear it till yesterday. I never wore it because it was a bit chilly I thought, but the weather is getting better and better, so I just put it on (:

I hope you like it !
Thank you for commenting and following (:



  1. Thanks so much for commenting. I am following you. And happy to do so. Your blog is so great. Love your outfits, and you look stunning.

    Karoline Kalvo

  2. Je blousje is cute! Nog bedankt voor je felicitatie :)

  3. Mooie blouse! En tnx voor de comment op mn blog! X.

  4. ehi Manon !!!You have an amazing blog you know??
    However i'm following you now. In this moment i'm preparing the surprise party for my sister ( the one of today's post on my blog) so i don't have much spare time, but i'm curious to read all your latest posts when i'll be back home :-)

    <3 Anna from ITALY!

  5. Heei!
    Ik ga werken op een camping in de croisanterie :D
    Leuke outfit zoals altijd :)


  6. superlief! En ik vind je header echt prachtig :)

  7. thank you manon form my sister :-)

  8. wow, looks good!

    LOVE minnja ♥

  9. love the outfit, especially this dotted top, it's so cute!

  10. waaw, al je outfits zijn echt mooi! ik volg je.

  11. Amazing blog, I love it :D

    This outfit is so cute ♥


    ps: Now following you !

  12. Super leuke blog! & mooie foto's!
    Zullen we elkaar volgen? :)