Feb 8, 2011

Would it be worth it ?

Wearing ;
Skirt - Monki
Tights + Ring - H&M
Shirt - Unknown
Belt + Necklace - Vintage

Hii Guys !

Yesterday I wore my new Monki skirt, wel actually it isn't very new anymore, but it's the first time I post a look with it ! And I'm sure there will follow more, because I totally love it. You can combine it in so many ways (: 
As I told you Sunday, I went snowboarding in the evening. It was my first time on a snowboard, because I normally skii, but I always wanted to do snowboarding, but my father wouldn't let me.. But this time I could go with my friends because it was so cheap (: And I loved it ! It was so much fun, first I had a hard time with it, but after a while it went really great, and I even could make some turns ! Of course my friends helpt me a lot, because it wasn't their first time ! So now I know that I like it, I'll maybe go snowboarding this wintersport vacation, instead of skiing. But I don't know of my father agrees with dad yet.. haha x)
Now I'm off making some homework, luckily this isn't a very busy week, only 2 test, but I'm already looking forward to the next weekend because that will be a fun weekend too !

I hope you like it !
Thank you for commenting and following (:

I did some investigation on bloglovin, and suddenly I see that my blog is already on it with 7 followers !  Haha, So I made an acount, and now you can follow me with bloglovin too, if you like. The bloglovin button is on the right side of my blog.

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  1. Fab skirt.
    I've never been skiing or snowboarding, which is a shame as I love the snow.

  2. Glad you joined bloglovin' I have been following you there! I love your blog, this look is great. Love that skirt!


  3. i like the skirt dear!
    you got a lovely style

    i have a new outfit of todays!!

    LOVE xo model from holland

    evertday new post (L)

  4. love your outfit. and your blog!!!

    <3 <3 <3 <3

  5. That is a neat skirt, so simple and yet so chic :)

  6. nice blog :) i like that ring.

  7. HI there,

    Great outfit! Love your blog!! I'm one of your newest followers...
    ...would really appreciate if you check out mine and maybe follow back :D


    Thanks so much,
    jos xx

  8. i like your blog too.
    and i am so jealous of your hair.
    i follow you.
    you follow me?