Jan 27, 2011

Where you finish, is where I start.

Wearing ;
Tights & Rings / H&M
Long top / ONLY
Socks & Necklaces / Vintage
Shoes / Shine

Hii Guys !

Yesterday I finally got a response on my e-mail for the cosmogirl blogger contest. And, as I already thought, I didn't win ): The whole story is that Friday they already dropped out 5 participants, so there were 10 bloggers left. I was with those 10. So yesterday morning they had a meeting about us, and I became 6th ! They couldn't choose between me and an other blogger, but at the end the choose her because I wanted to tell to much. The rule was that you could only write 300 words, and I must admit, that was hard. It's always that when I'm finally writing, I just can't stop x) But I'm very proud of myself and when I think about the fact that they've talked about me makes me feel even more proud. haha.
I'm very curious about who the winners are of the contest, so I can't wait till the launch of the new site with the bloggers ( February the 3th ) ! Firs I was a little disappointed but almost directly I felt combative ! I thought ; this is absolutely not the end for me ! So I stepped in my bad shoes and e-mailed to some other magazines about me and my blog. I don't know if they actually going to take this serious, but you never know ! haha

Well, that's enough about the contest, on the photographs above you can see what I wore yesterday. It's just a lazy outfit, it's so comfortable !  Next week is going to be very busy with school, everyday a test ! That means studying >.<  Looking forward to it... NOT 

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I hope you like it !
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  1. Great photos, love how you arranged them.

  2. thanks for your comment love, i should be following now but silly blogger isn't coming up with my photo properly! love how you've edited the photos in this :) and congratulations, 6th is still a huge achievement!

  3. LOVE YOUR STYLE AND LOVE THIS BLOG! following! pleasefollow us if you fancy it!



  4. hey! I like your blog and your outfits so so much (especially the polka dots skirt in the precedent post).
    Thans for your sweet comment on my blog.
    I follow you now. I hope you can follow me back...
    I'm expecting for you...


  5. Cool outfit, LOVE your boots. xoxo

  6. You are very nice girl :) Thanks so much for your comment, if you want we can follow each other :D

  7. i followed you from lookbook, nice outfit! and lovely blog!

  8. I'm glad to fallow you, you got a great style! Thank you so much for your lil comment, you can fallow me back and we can keep in touch! See you!
    xx from France!