Jan 6, 2011

Prom 10'

Lovely People <3

Hii Guys !
I know, it's been a while that my prom was.. But I finally have the pictures ! There were some more, but the one above, is the prettiest (: On the picture are some friends of mine, and I had a lovely time with them at my prom. You may notice Shanna and Shani, Shanna is the girl at the right and Shani is the one in the white dress. Together we have a blog too, called hopes,dreams,everything there you can see more of their dresses. On this picture you don't really see my dress, so I made some pictures at home. Because I'd never showed you my dress before ! Well, not when I had it on. The dress is from River Island and the shoes are from Van Haren (that's a Dutch store) So here it is !

That's all for today ! I know it's not much, but I need to study English right now, and I also have to do my French homework.. Hmm. I'm tired, almost weekend ! And I'm looking forward for tonight, because one of my favourite series is going to start again, It's a dutch serie called Wie is de mol ? All kind of dutch celebs are doing tests and games to find out who is the liar.. Well, it's hard to explain !

I hope you like it !
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  1. Hahaha. Echt superleuke blog! <3 En je galajurk is echt - wauw! - heel erg leuk. Het klinkt echt als een geslaagd feest. :D Veel plezier met Wie is de mol kijken haha. xxxx

  2. Je galajurk is echt suuperleuk =D

  3. your look is so cool!

    nice blog , I've enjoyed .

    if possible visit my blog ...and become my follower....I'll do it back


  4. I love your dress! So awesome.

  5. very nice your blog, IF I follow you and you follow mE???

  6. thanks so much :)
    i love your blog!
    you wear a lovely dress :)
    i'll follow you!
    perhaps you will follow me, too.
    that will be great!
    jässi, xx

  7. Lovely dress. I want one in that same color. It's fantastic. Thank you for your comment, and of course I follow you, because I like so much your blog. I want that if you like my blog, follow me. ^^

    Kisses from Spain, Raquel.

  8. Hi manon! :)I've just follow your blog, Love it so much <3
    If you like my blog too, please follow me! Thanx(: Kisses from madrid, Spain.

  9. thank you for your comment :)
    no, i don't think so, but urban outfitters has a website, who you can order things.

    lots of love, wiebke <3

  10. hey,
    thank you for your comment.. ^^
    I don't listen to 30 seconds to mars :D 'cause they scream a lot of time... whatever. but this song is a favourite of mine.
    your pictures are .. uff... i like that!
    Ps: your dress is wonderful!

  11. Thanks for your comment! I am now following your blog, the photography is great. Love your prom dress.

    Sarah xx